Hello! Thanks so much for coming to UNITE!

I’m _________ [your name], one of the volunteers with UNITE. I wanted to share that I’m so excited you responded to the message of Jesus tonight!

One of the best things you can do after a night like tonight is to tell someone in your life about your experience. Maybe it’s a friend who invited you, a pastor, or a family member—share with them what God did in your life!

Also, I want to encourage you to get connected with a local church. If you already are—that’s great! If not, find a friend who goes to a church and ask if you can tag along.

Following Jesus is the most important decision you’ll ever make, and I want to celebrate and encourage you to keep going after Jesus. If you’re looking for more resources, the UNITE team put together several that you can explore at unitendop.com/next.

God bless!

[Your name]

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